Obsession Confession

Hassayampa River Preserve, Arizona

I'll start right off by admitting that I have an obsessive personality. My friends and family watch with amusement each time I discover a new interest and dive in head first and whole heartedly, pulling them along as I discover everything I can about my latest passion.

I have always been interested in birds (something inherited from my mother) and over the years have dabbled in photography (an interest passed down by my father), both professionally and as a hobby. So when my caregiving duties ended and my design career began to wind down, a serendipitous awakening of both interests brought me to where I am now: perched on the sill of an open window, about to take flight. (Thanks, Jerry, for that insightful analogy).

The travel part of my blog is another renewed interest that came to light In the form of a Leisure Van (a Super B RV) we call LIzzie that we purchased late last year. Currently, we are taking short trips around Arizona as we work out the kinks of camping and learn how to live on the road again (see About Me for more information on that). What better way to observe and photograph birds, wildlife and glorious landscapes in different parts of the country than from the passenger seat of a camper?

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5 thoughts on “Obsession Confession”

  1. Do like what I see, you have a real sensitivity in capturing the innocence of our fine feathered friends.

    1. Thank you, Elaine. It’s the birds that are beautiful. I’m just fortunate enough to be able to capture that beauty so that I can share it with others!

    1. Hi, Candace! Yes, I recognize you from the BASW group. Thanks for checking my site out…I’ll give your site a look, as well!

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